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A Minor Repair
May - August 2012
Episode 01

Well, that’s how it started……. I had the wee car up on stands carrying out the monthly lubrication and check routine. I had checked wheel bearings, adjusted brakes, greased the front ball joints and decided that it was high time I put a squirt of grease into the prop shaft nipples as well. As I gripped the central cross member to pull myself under to get to the rear prop universal there was a crunching feeling as my finger went through the tube – oh dear, time for some welding.

It was always going to happen one day, in fact I had been looking (not very hard) for a chassis to refurbish in anticipation of this very event but I was no way ready for doing it yet. Time for some tea and planning.

The hole that started it all!

Firstly I needed to work out how much I could afford to spend, then sort out another car to get around in whilst the works were being carried out. A “modern” car had in fact been on the agenda for a while, the problem being that I’m a bit of a luddite where cars are concerned – I really don’t like driving modern cars, don’t like power steering, brakes, electric windows and so on……. Following forced retirement in 2001, the “Jaffa” became my only car and in the intervening years has racked up an epic number of miles, 30-40,000+ every year!!! In the 13 years before that it had been used pretty much every night to commute back and forward to London….. Payback time I decided, for the wee beastie owes me nothing and I owe it – lots.....more