A brief history of R3W

R3W and it’s siblings have evolved over many years. This Reliant ‘fanzine’ first saw the light as a small part of a forum called ‘OldMotorCar’ where a small group of enthusiasts discussed their modernish classics. Soon the Reliant section of the forum became so dominant that we decided to move it to a forum of its own, and Reliant3Wheeler was born. The new forum grew at a very fast rate and soon became known to members as R3W so as that name was available it was purchased.

Over the next few years R3W continued to be the leading Reliant related site attracting members from all over the world. Despite a few hiccups when attempts were made to merge R3W with other transport related forums ( TransportClub and the infamous Zen ) the forum maintained a loyal following until we had to close it following ‘warnings’ about financial penalties connected to the displaying of images which we did not hold the copyright to.

The future for R3W

Going forward I see R3W as a vehicle (no pun intended) to promote useful and informative articles about Reliants and practical advice about keeping them on the road. With the increasing scarcity of some parts I also want to compile details of available equivalent parts which can be used with Reliants, and where other organisations have re manufactured or hold stocks of rare spares we intend to provide links to enable Reliants to be kept roadworthy.

My Reliants

I currently own four Reliants. They are:

  • 1973 Reliant Regal 3/30
  • 1989 Reliant Rialto Estate
  • 1990 Reliant Rialto Hatchback
  • 1992 Reliant Robin Hatchback

Regal 3/30

I obtained the Regal 3/30 which is known as Mya a few years ago. I got it with the intention of doing a total rebuild when I retired from work. However poor health has meant that this is not likely to happen now which is a shame as she is a very nice car.

Reliant Rialto Hatchback

My red Rialto hatchback, affectionately known as Tammy was my daily driver for several years. She proved to be a very reliable little motor and even towed our folding caravan to a number of Reliant Rallies, much to the amazement of other drivers.

Reliant Rialto Estate

I bought Misty my Rialto estate as a tempoary replacement for Tammy when she blew a head gasket. What a problem child the estate turned out to be. Despite spending a small fortune on new seals, gaskets stc the engine turned out to be a real smoker. The replacement engine I bought as 'good' was even worse. Kevin Hallet came to the rescue at this point and gave me an engine which turned out to be a good one. I then used the estate as my daily driver until health problems forced me to go back to four wheels.

Reliant Robin estate

My final Reliant, the Robin hatchback was in fact my mother-in-laws car until her death. I bought it to keep it out of the hands of a relative who wanted to buy it and drive it around despite not having a valid licence. It is a superb motor and had been serviced by a main dealer so is in top condition.

Reliant Regal Rialto Robin