Brake fluid colour codings

Service Bulletin - August 1978............. number 1978/3

Brake fluid colour codings

In order to conform with new U.S.A. Federal Standards concerning the identification of brake fluids and mineral oils, certain amendments have been made to Girling brake fluid colour codings. Because of this change, for some time two standards will exist in the service field. As the incorrect use of fluids and components may result in Brake Failure it is essential that extreme care is taken during the transition period.

The existing Castrol-Girling Universal Non-Petroleum fluid coloured Green to specification SAE J1703/DOT 3/4 currently used in the Scimitar GTE system will be replaced by Castrol-Girling Universal fluid coloured Amber. (This colour change has been implemented to avoid any confusion with Petroleum type mineral oils which under the new standards will change from the existing colour of Blue to Green)


Castrol-Girling Amber Universal can be mixed with Castrol-Girling Green Universal for topping up purposes There will be no change in the colour of the existing brake fluid currently used in the Kitten and Robin systems, which, for he time being will remain Castrol-Girling crimson.

Should contamination of the braking system occur due to the introduction of an incorrect fluid or oil, the only safe way to rectify the problem is by flushing the system thoroughly with the correct new fluid. Remove and discard all rubber components including hoses, clean the individual bores with the new fluid, fit new rubber parts and refill the system with the correct fluid. Under no circumstances whatsoever can the contaminated parts be rectified.