Van seat conversion for Robin

Service Bulletin - January 1974............. number 1974/6

A rear seat conversion kit has been made available, Part No. 21348 (black trim) Part No. 22023 (tan trim) to enable a rear seat to be fitted to the Robin van.

Parts List

The seat conversion kit comprises:

Seat Cushion 1 off
Tapit fixings - cushion to body 5 off
Seat squab and hinge assembly 1 off
Abutment - squab support 2 off
Spacer - abutment 2 off
Screw - abutment to body 4 off
Screw - squab hinges to floor 6 off
Washer - squab hinges to floor 6 off
Lockwasher - squab hinges to floor 6 off
Nut - squab hinges to floor 6 off

Procedure for removing van floor

1 Remove cross-head screw and washer securing front of floor panel to body.

2 Carefully drill the heads off the six rivets securing floor panel plates to body using a 4.76mm (3/16”) dia. bit.

3 Remove floor panel and tap the rivet shafts through the body.

van seats drawing
van seats drawing 2

Fittimg the rear seat

1. Position squab assembly on the floor across rear seat pan and line up and line up the three hinges on the back of the squab with the fixing holes previously used for fitting the wooden floor panel.

2. Secure the hinges to the floor with the six set screws, washers, lockwashers and nuts.

3. Locate spacer and squab support abutment and secure to the RH body side with two countersunk screws. The fixing holes are already drilled in the body side (see figure 1) Repeat operation for LH abutment.

4. Raise the squab assembly against the abutments and secure in the upright position by means of the two rubber retaining straps which should be looped over the square bracket on the abutments. The flap at the base of the squab should be laid flat in the cushion pan.

5. Fit the seat cushion in the pan and locate the flap, with the metal retaining strap insert (see figure 2) on the vertical face of the body.

6. Mark five fixing points on the body through the flap and retaining strap.

7. Drill five 4.76mm (3/16”) dia. holes in the body and fit the nylon inserts of the tapit fixings.

8. Locate the flap and secure to the body by tapping the five tapit fixings through the retaining strap and into the nylon inserts.

Folding down the rear seat

The rear seat can be folded down if extra loading space is required.

Lift up the rear seat cushion and release the squab retaining straps from the two abutment brackets. The squab can then be lowered to give a flat floor area behind the front seats.